Orbit Entreprises

Orbit Entreprises SARL is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo with a total population estimated at 80 million inhabitants
Orbit Entreprises SARL manufactures a wide range of fast moving consumer products such as: laundry soap and bath soap, edible oil , margarine, carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, corn based “snacks” products as well as wide range of cosmetics products like: perfumes, body lotion, talc, hair gel, pomades, baby products, etc…

Our Mission

To continue to diversify and produce affordable high quality products for our consumers.

Our vision

To be the market leader in FMCG segments that we are present in.

Our History

Orbit Entreprises SARL is an established company, founded in 2018. and is located in the industrial sector of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The company began as a manufacturer of laundry soaps and has expanded since, to include a wide range of products available for the local and international consumer.